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Liger The Biggest Cat Named Hercules

A cat of giant dimension and energy, Liger is an extraordinary feline. It's a tremendous animal that has not often occurred via historical past and is a real marvel in appearance. So great is the muscularity and power of Liger that if it ever existed within the wild, it would have been capable of taking down each animal on earth!

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Hercules Is The Biggest Cat Ever Exist

the largest cat that exist in the world, extra ordinary cat, biggest catThe largest specie of cat to have ever existed - Liger - will not be even a specie at all ~ it's a hybrid ~ a cross between a male lion and a female tiger that is given a scientific denotation of Panthera leo  Panthera tigris. The name is derivate of its heritage: 'Li' from lion and 'ger' from tiger. The appearance is indicative of the large cat's origin ~ a tawny coat is marked by diffuse stripes and rosettes with a rudimentary mane. The attributes are also inherited from either mother and father and is a mixture of the 2 species ~ Liger likes to swim like tigers and is sociable like lions. The roar is extra like that of a lion and so is the frequent laid back nature of the cat, in contrast to the ferocious and energetic way of life of the male tiger.

Liger Created From Mating A Male Lion And A Female Tiger

Hybrids have always existed in the wild and in captivity and numerous attempts at interspecies breeding of massive cats have always been made throughout history. The hallmark of the Liger are its huge physical proportions - with a weight over a thousand pounds and length larger than twelve toes, Liger dwarfs the most important lion and tiger in existence. The reason behind that is believed to be genetic - the male tiger and feminine lion both have a growth inhibiting gene that restricts the growth of their respective offsprings to an extent - the concept behind Liger bypasses this condition by mating a male lion and a female tiger ~ the ensuing cub can develop lifelong to become twice as big as either of its parents.

tiger vs liger, extra size of liger, the largest tigerCompared To Tiger, Liger Withstanding All Its Magnificence.

Withstanding all its magnificence - when I look at a Liger I really feel awe and I feel...sorry! Yes it's true (bear me out for some time) ~ I feel sorry as a result of I see a creature that's not meant to be in nature. I see an animal that has by no means existed within the wild and has never been created by conscientious breeders. An organism that's not a specie in itself since it is unable to provide fertile offsprings (male Ligers are sterile!). An animal that lives most of its life in solitude, created for attracting audience or for Hollywood. A creature marred in its small population by low lifespan, genetic aberrations and neurological defects (head shakes in cubs!).

Specialists worldwide condemn the breeding of Ligers as an unhealthy practice. All accountable animal captivity applications and zoos across the globe by no means attempt to mate lions with tigers.

lion tiger, largest cat, hercules is the biggest cat between lion and tigerTo me the Liger depicts the alternative sides of human nature - the facet that craves beauty and ignores all the pieces else and the aspect that honors the legal guidelines of morality and nature. The facet that searches for lion tiger battle videos on YouTube and the side that condemns them as barbaric practices after having seen them ~ sure to me the Liger is indicative of the fickle nature of our personal specie. It is for us to determine which side can we wish to take...!

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  1. According to Wikipedia (I know, not the most reliable source), people today try to avoid breeding Ligers for just the reasons you mention. Most Ligers born today are apparently born by accident, by God rather than Man... hopefully that will ease your mind! Thank you for caring about these wonderful animals... I'm glad there are big cat sanctuaries to care for big cats like Hercules who can't be released into the wild! (Yeah, most of us are trying our best to care for our fellow creatures!)